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Volleyball, although an extremely fun and popular sportis not the subject of many movies, as compared to other popular sports such as baseball, football, soccer and ice hockey. However, there are several decent volleyball movies which are worth a watch for volleyball fanatics.

These reviews and summaries are on movies which are centered around volleyball, and also include a few films in which this sport appears in. The Iron Ladies (2000) The Iron Ladies is a Thai comedy that is based upon the story of a real volleyball team of the same name.

Released in the year 2000, the plot is centered around the events surrounding the Iron Ladies, a Thai volleyball team consisting mostly of homosexual and transgender male athletes and the various obstacles they overcome. The movie was well received in Thailand and abroad, and screened at the Torronto International Film Festival and several other international expos, and was well received by the LGBT community.

It currently holds a 6.9 (out of 10) rating at the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) as well as a 55 (out of 100) rotten rating with internet movie rating website Rotten Despite being a foreign language film, it is one of the best rated volleyball movies.

Side Out (1990) Side Out is a movie about a beach volleyball competition, starring C.Thomas Howell, Courtney Thorne-Smith and Peter Horton. The plot follows a young law student who moves to Southern California when he meets a professional volleyball player and teams up to participate in a tournament.

The movie was not a great success grossing less than 500,000 at the US box office. Despite this, it remains one of the more famous volleyball movies.

It has a rating of 4.7 (out of 10) at All Youve Got (2006) All Youve Got is a sports drama film starring pop star Adrienne Bailon and singer Ciara as the main characters.

The plot of the film centers around two rivals from different volleyball teams who, after a set of tragic incidents, have to team up and work together. The film was produced by MTV and was released for television, premiering on the MTV channel.

It was not very popular, and holds a rating of 3.8 on Cloud 9 (2006) This sports comedy film stars Burt Reynolds and was produced by Academy Award winner Albert S.

Ruddy. Burt Reynolds plays Billy Cole, a sports promoter whoafter a streak of bad luck, makes a beach volleyball team composed of strippers.

Once the girls prove that they have what it takes, Billy decides to take compete professionally. The film was released direct to DVD, and although it has a low rating of 4.0 on IMDB, currently holds a fresh rating of 80 on Rotten

This is probably one of the best known and most popular volleyball movies, given the star power of Reynolds as well as the risqu theme. Air Bud Spikes Back (2003) The Air Bud series was a very popular film series created by Disney.

These films are about a golden retriever who has the uncanny ability to master sports at a professional level. The dogBuddy, plays basketball, football, soccer and baseball in parts 1,2,3 and 4 respectively.

In the fifth and final series, Air Bud Strikes Back, Buddy takes up beach volleyball. Along with a talking parrot, Buddy also solves a series of criminal activity.

The first two installments of the Air Bud franchise were the only versions released theatrically, and like its two predecessorsAir Bud Spikes Back was released direct to DVD. Although the earlier Air Bud films were very successful, Air Bud Spikes Back was not a commercial or critical success.

It has a rating of 3.9 on, and other ratings were mostly negative. Other Notable Examples There are many other volleyball movies in which the game is featured, but not central to the plot. Notable examples include the water volleyball in Meet The Parents (2000), the beach volleyball scene in Top Gun (1986) as well as another beach volleyball scene in DOA Dead or Alive (2006).

Volleyball, as featured in Hollywood movies, falls prey to many of the same theatrical elements that beset other sports moviesfrom near-to-impossible shots, to over dramatization. However, the key purpose of these volleyball movies is to entertain, and sometimes the focus is shifted away from recreating the intensity of the sport accurately.

While there may not be much to learn from these movies in the form of strategy or skill, they are entertaining enough for any die-hard volleyball fan.
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